How to Play Your Nintendo Wii Games From USB Drive

Nintendo Wii games

As long as you have the classic white Wii, you’ll be able to play any of your available games on a USB drive instead of loading the disc every time. This is such a convenience over swapping out discs every time you want to change the game.

To be able to play games from USB thumb drive or microSD card, you’ll need the Homebrew channel, a SD card and USB drive. Check out the tutorial on how to install Homebrew Channel on Wii if you don’t have Homebrew on Wii yet.

Now to get started, download d2x cIOS Installer onto the SD card. After copying the files into the apps folder, follow the instructions from guide page to launch d2x cIOS Installer in Homebrew Channel and update the settings. Once you are done, download the USB Loader GX. Copy the files into your SD card’s apps folder. That’s it!

For the USB drive, make sure that it’s is formatted as FAT32, otherwise Wii won’t be able to read it. Then create a wbfs folder on the drive.

Once you have inserted the SD card and USB drive into the Wii, launch Homebrew Channel and then USB Loader GX. When you are inside USB Loader GX screen, tap the + icon to add your Wii game. Insert a Wii game into the disc drive while you have the USB Loader GX app open will automatically prompt you to install the game. Just follow the onscreen directions to install and copy the game to USB drive.

Once you have copied your games, you should see all your Wii games after loading the USB Loader GX app. All your games are on the USB drive and is accessible through the USB Loader GX app inside Homebrew Channel. Launch a game to play. No more switching discs!

Troubleshooting Tips
If you can’t see your Wii games or USB Loader GX can’t see the USB drive, make sure the drive is formatted as FAT32. Also go into hard drive settings and make sure USB ports are turned on for where you plugged in the thumb drive.

If you’re experiencing black screens when you exit a game, turn off Block IOS Reload in Loader Setting.

Summary of the steps

If you don’t have Homebrew app on the Wii, start here.
• Get Wii MAC address
• Input MAC address into Hackmii site to generate files and copy it to the SD card
• Install Homebrew on the Wii with the SD card

If you already have Homebrew, start here.
• Create wbfs folder on USB thumb drive
• Copy d2x cIOS Installer files to “apps” folder on the SD card
• Install d2x cIOS and make setting updates
• Copy USB Loader GX to “apps” folder on the SD card
• Launch the Homebrew app on the Wii and select USB Loader GX
• Insert Wii game disc to install the game on USB