Biggest Comic Cons in the U.S.

Every year, the largest comic conventions are setting record comic con attendance numbers all over the United States. What is the biggest comic con in the world? Well, the best comic cons aren’t always the biggest conventions but the bigger the show, the more likely top publishers, media companies, artists and famous actors will be in attendance. From our experiences, the show has to be big enough for event perks like famous cosplayers, special previews and passionate geek panels.

As far as how attendance is counted, it various depending on the methodology. Let’s face it, inflating attendance is part of the promotional game. Unique people would be the preferred way to counting the actual numbers. The more likely answer is that events may not always want to show the uniques and prefer the higher turnstile numbers. Some events like Wizard World never report numbers to hide some show failures.

Even without accurate numbers, we can safely assume that the top 2 comic con shows are in New York and San Diego. One interesting fact- SDCC actually under reports attendance to not scare the fire marshals. Interesting…

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Top 5 Comic Con Events by Attendance

1. New York Comic Con

2019 attendance: 250,000

2. San Diego Comic Con

2015 attendance: 167,000

3. Fan Expo Denver

Formerly known as Denver Pop Culture Con and Denver Comic Con
2019 attendance: 115,000

4. FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention

Formerly known as Salt Lake Comic Con
2019 attendance: 110,000

5. Emerald City Comicon

2019 attendance: 98,000

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