Where to Buy Blu-ray and 4K Movies Online

DVDs and Blu-rays

With streaming taking over the home movie market, movies on physical discs like DVDs, Blu ray and 4k movies are harder to find in stores. Walmart is pretty much the last retailer store to carry physical discs in store. Best Buy will exit the market in 2024 and we’re sure that other stores like Target will exit the market soon. You can still find some movies at specialty store like FYE but they don’t carry a large selection.

There are online websites that you can buy still buy physical media, including Amazon and Walmart.com. You can also find them in marketplaces like Facebook and Ebay. below is a list of online retailers that still carry a big variety of DVDs, blu-rays and 4k discs.

Gruv.com >
DeepDiscount.com >
Amazon.com >
Walmart.com >
Target.com >

Why love physical discs?
Avid movie fans still love the packaging, special features and the overall disc experience. Plus, you own the movie forever. Some movies are not available on streaming sites and you have to pay just as much as a physical disc to rent or own the movie.