Netflix DVD / Blu-Ray Rental Library & Plan

Netflix DVD / Blu ray rental plan & price

Update: After 25 years, Netflix will wind down DVD rentals, with its last movie discs mailing on September 29th, 2023.

Yes you can still rent DVDs and Blu rays from Netflix. While most people prefer the accessibility of streaming services like Disney+, Hulu and Netflix’s own service, there are fans of physical media like DVD and blu ray discs. Two of the advantages of buying or renting DVDs and blu rays are that you get movies that may not be available on a streaming service and you get special bonus features like director commentary, behind-the-scenes videos that you may not get on a streaming service. For hardcore movie fans who want to watch more than the movie, most of the time, this is something you can only get from the physical medium. Unlike Redbox rentals which only contains the movie, Netflix’s discs are actually the retail versions that contain bonus features.

Digital backup of physical DVDs has been quite popular over the years. The well-known WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is one of the best DVD to Digital converters in the market that enables you to back up DVD to MP4 or other digital format. It’s great for DVD backups or playing movie files from your own media server.
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Netflix DVD-only plan pricing
$7.99 per month for 1-disc at a time
$11.99 per month for 2-discs at a time

Netflix DVD + Blu-ray plan pricing
$9.99 per month for 1-disc at a time
$14.99 per month for 2-discs at a time

Netflix DVD/Blu-ray library
For a list of movies and TV shows that are in Netflix library, you can view and search on the website even if you don’t have a plan. Each movie and show page clearly indicates if the video is available in DVD and/or Blu ray format. Once added to your queue, you can also change the format version you would like to receive.

Movie pages offer related movies you may like and user ratings & reviews. You can also look at details of the disc format as well as see other movies in the same series, which offers a nice and easy way to catch all your movie watching fix.

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