Cosplay Meaning, Conventions & Cosplayers

The meaning of cosplay, from the words costume play, is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific anime or comic character. The term cosplay was coined in Japan in 1984. However, the history of cosplay stems all the way back to 1st World Science Fiction Convention in New York City in 1939, where science fiction fans first started fan costuming.

Are there any dedicated cosplay conventions? Yes and no. While there are dedicated cosplay cons, at any anime convention or comic con show, you can be sure to see the best and most popular cosplayers in their self-created or commissioned cosplay costumes representing their favorite fictional characters. It’s huge, it’s international and it’s a celebrated phenomenon!

As cosplay becomes more popular, you can also find very creative, talented, and increasingly famous cosplayers on Instagram, sharing their passion and art. Let’s meet the best cosplayers and cosplay community pages around the globe, including exclusive interviews with the best of the best.

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