The Cybertronic Spree Transformers Rock Band

Transformers Cosplay

Transformers cosplay takes a lot creativity and imagination. Check out these homemade Transformers costumes from these amazing cosplayers. Be sure to also checkout The Cybertronic Spree Transformers Rock Band (cover photo). Not only do these […]

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TFUKCon 2024

TFUKCon (Birmingham, UK)

At TFUKcon 2024 we would love to invite you to a huge birthday bash to celebrate 40 years of the Transformers. From amazing guests, to an exciting evening entertainment party we are incredibly excited to […]

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Transformers movie 2007

Transformers Movies to Watch In Order

Michael Bay’s live-action Transformers movie, adapted from 80s Transformers cartoon, took audiences by storm in 2007. The films showcased top-of-the-line special effects and thrilling action. The last movie Bumblebee was a prequel to the series. […]

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