Comic Book Stores

NYC Forbidden Planet comic book shopIf you like to visit comic book shops, if you’re all about collecting old and new school artwork, if you love going to comic conventions, and if you’re all about finding collectible action figures, then you will enjoy going to comic book stores. And yes, they still exist!

These stores are wonderful places where you can find the latest comics from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and Star Trek universes. You can buy, sell and trade comic books at these stores. Some even have a place to sit and eat ice cream, old school arcade game machines, while others offer memorabilia and hard to find action figures. The most famous store on this side of the planet is Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash from the show Comic Book Men. Ok, even if you don’t live in the New York/Jersey metro area, you can still find great stores near your neck of the woods.

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