Which Comic Con is Best To Visit and Travel To?

NYCC 2018 entrance

So are you looking for comic cons that are the most popular and worth traveling out of state to? There are lots of comic con locations around the country that you can go to all year around.

Let’s look at the best ones that are large in attendance so you have plenty of comic goers to socialize with, activities that are fun and engaging, and even some fun parties after the convention has closed shop.

San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC)

It’s no surprise SDCC is on this list. As one of the largest and most well-known comic conventions in the world. It attracts celebrities, industry professionals, and fans from around the globe. SDCC offers a wide range of programming, including panels, exclusive screenings, exhibits, and celebrity appearances. There are plenty of after parties but no sure you’ll be cool enough to get in.

New York Comic Con (NYCC)

NYCC is another major comic convention in US. Held annually in New York City, it features a diverse array of pop culture elements, including comics, movies, television shows, anime, and gaming. NYCC offers similar programming to SDCC and is known for its vibrant atmosphere and enthusiastic fan base. Plus, you’ll be in NYC! It’s the city that never sleeps. The nightlife is awesome and everything is open until 4am in the morning.

Heroes Convention

Heroes Convention, often referred to simply as HeroesCon, is held annually in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s considered great by many comic book fans and creators because of its comics focus. There is no movie celebrities and entertainment productions company presence at the show, and that may not be a bad thing if you love comics, artists and cosplay. With its emphasis on comic books, its support for creators, its accessibility, and its commitment to providing a positive and inclusive experience for fans of all backgrounds, it’s one of the best and biggest comic conventions with a small town feel.

Dragon Con

Head down South to Atlanta where Dragon Con takes place annually. It is known for its inclusive atmosphere and diverse programming. It covers a wide range of genres, including science fiction, fantasy, gaming, comics, and pop culture. The convention features a unique parade, cosplay events, panels, and great parties.

C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo)

C2E2 is considered awesome by many fans and attendees. You get diverse programming, a large celebrity guests list, cool artist alley, and creative cosplay community. C2E2 fosters a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where fans of all ages and backgrounds can come together to celebrate their shared love for pop culture. While you’re in Chi-Town, enjoy its rich history, cultural diversity, iconic architecture, vibrant arts scene, and culinary delights.


WonderCon is organized by the same producer for SDCC. Its held in Anaheim/Los Angeles area. It features a variety of programming, including panels, presentations, screenings, signings, and exhibits related to comic books, movies, television shows, anime, gaming, and other aspects of popular culture. Attendees have the opportunity to meet creators, artists, writers, and celebrities, as well as explore the latest books, shows and toys from publishers, studios, and vendors. Plus, you’ll be in the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood, and that alone, is worth the price of the admission.