How To Play Hi-Fi Digital Music On Home Stereo Receiver

Yamaha RX-V4a receiver

This is the guide on how you can play hi-fi digital music on your home stereo receiver. If you already have a home entertainment system setup with great sounding speakers, you’ll want to also enjoy the best music quality through your entertainment system. There are a few ways for you to enjoy hi-fi or near CD-quality streaming audio. It all involves playing your music through your home theater or stereo receiver so it can take advantage of the DAC (digital-to-audio converter) that’s inside the receiver.

Depending on your music source, you can either use a streaming capable receiver like Yamaha’s MusicCast capable receivers or an external streaming devices like Google’s chromecast or chromecast with Google TV. With either MusicCast or chromecast, you can play audio files and songs from music streaming services or your home media server.

If you’re using a streaming service, make sure to stream lossless audio from Tidal, Amazon Music or Apple Music, to chromecast plugged into your AV receiver or directly to a wifi enabled receiver like Yamaha MusicCast receivers.

To listen to your own library of music, make sure you use lossless digital audio formats like WAV or FLAC on your computer or a standalone media server. You can use the free VLC application, which is available on Windows, iOS and Android, to do the casting from a computer. It’s a very lightweight, no frills app that does its job well. Casting through the receiver itself is also easy with MusicCast.