How to Setup Multi-Room Audio System for Music Streaming, CD or Cassette Listening

Yamaha RX-V4a receiver

If you want to setup a multi-room audio system to listen to music or any audio source, Yamaha’s AV MusicCast receivers and MusicCast 20 or 50 speakers give you the most versatile options. All you need to start is one Yamaha MusicCast capable receiver. Then you can buy more Yamaha MusicCast capable receivers or MusicCast speakers in other rooms, allowing you to play audio sound in all rooms around the house.

The way it works is that once you have linked the rooms using the MusicCast app, which acts as a multi-room controller, audio sound will play simultaneously anywhere you have MusicCast speakers or any speakers connected to your Yamaha MusicCast receivers using your home Wifi. This DIY wireless audio setup is pretty simple to do and there is no lag or sync issues with the audio as it uses your wireless network. This works for any streaming music service like Tidal, Apple Music or Amazon Music which you can log in through the MusicCast app.

This setup also works with physical media formats like CDs, cassettes and vinyl records. Just connect your CD or tape player to a Yamaha MusicCast receiver. Switch to the right input, hit play and link the rest of your rooms or speakers to your main receiver and listen to your physical media music everywhere in your house. Amazing!