How to Make Mixtape on a Real Cassette Deck?

Noise reduction tape cassette deck D/A converter

Yes cassette tapes are making a come back and are cool again. Did you know instead of buying retro tapes, you can also make someone a special mixtape just like kids did in the 80s and early 90s.

Just queue up a playlist from your MP3s or ripped CDs and record onto a tape deck. The final mix may or may sound sound better than the original source but if you use Type II cassettes and a decent tape deck, it can sound pretty damn good. All you need is a RCA out cable with a red and white plug at one end and a 3.5mm plug at the other. Plug the 3.5mm side to the audio out of your computer sound card. Then the red/white plug into the Input jacks of the cassette deck.

You can use any software you have to play the playlist. We will use VLC as our media player as it’s free and a no frills kind of audio player. Just make sure to set the Audio output to the soundcard out option. Then just hit record on the cassette player and play on the media player. Easy as pie! The hard part is finding a good cassette deck and quality Type II cassettes if you don’t already have them.

Now you can make mixtapes in the digital streaming era and have fun with a blast from the past.