Can You Watch Local Channels on Sling TV?

Sling TV local channels AirTV

Does Sling TV have local channels? The answer is yes for ABC and NBC in select cities.

There are two ways you can watch local channels on Sling. The subscription way is by subscribing to Sling Orange and/or Blue plans, you can get local TV programming where Sling offers it without an antenna. Not all markets offer local channels. Only ABC and NBC channels are available even if you are in a qualifying market. There are no FOX or CBS channels available. This is a very limited option for people around the country.

The second way will grant you unlimited access to local channels when viewing through the Sling App on your mobile phone, tablet, computer and streaming devices. You can even watch your local channels when you’re not at home! First, you’ll need to get Sling’s AirTV device and connect it to your home antenna. To setup the AirTV on your account, download the Sling TV app on your phone and go through the setup process by tapping on your account icon, then Local Channels > Connected Device. You will tell the app whether AirTV is hard wired or on wireless. We suggest you hardwire it to your router for better connectivity. Then you can go through the process of scanning for your local channels. When it’s done, it’ll save all the channels to your profile. You can also hide certain channels if you wish.

Now, you can access your local channels anywhere by using your Sling app or around the house on any of your streaming devices. This is the best way to get local channels. You can watch as many channels as your antenna can pick up, including all local ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS channels and much more.