How to Install Homebrew Channel on Nintendo Wii

Wii Homebrew Channel

If you want to softmod Wii and add useful functionalities like playing GameCube games or playing Wii games from a thumb drive instead of loading discs, then you need to add Homebrew Channel to your Wii. It’s very easy to do but does require you to follow some steps.

First, make sure you have a SD card less than 64GB of storage, format it to FAT32 and plug the SD card into your computer. If you don’t have a SD card, you can also use a microSD card in a SD adapter. That works as well.

Go to and enter your Wii’s the MAC address. You can find it under your Wii’s Settings > Internet > Console Information. Select the correct System Menu Version. 4.3U for US, etc. After you’ve entered the MAC address, select Cut the red wire or blue wire. Either will do. Then unzip the downloaded file onto the SD card.

Next, load the SD card onto the Wii and click on the message icon in the bottom right corner. Select back until you see the mail bomb icon. Select it and follow the onscreen instructions to install Homebrew. Once you are done, power off the Wii and take the SD card out. That’s it, now you can other apps that will run inside the Homebrew Channel.