Mega EverDrive, One Sega Genesis Cartridge to Rule Them All!

Sega Genesis Mega Everdrive cartridge inserted

Ever dream of having your whole library of Genesis / Mega Drive and Sega / Mega 32X and CD games in a single cartridge? Now you can with Mega EverDrive from By putting all the game files on a small micro sd card, this single cartridge can be inserted into your original Sega Genesis console for you to play. Keep in mind that this cartridge won’t work with 3rd party cartridge consoles.

There are different versions of the cartridge from krikzz you can purchase, X3 (MSRP $42), X5 (MSRP $60), and Pro (MSRP $259). The main difference between X5 and X3 is that with X5 version, you can play Sega CD games and save without using the reset button. With X5’s built-in Hardware MegaKey, you can also enable every region of the console to run any region of games. The Pro version has all the X5 features, plus the ability to play homebrew games, better audio quality, especially for CD games, and more save states. To play 32X and CD games, you do need the original Sega add-on hardware.

Another place you can purchase Mega Everdrive is from These everdrives are krikzz certified, comes with another version X7 with additional features between X5 and Pro. They also offer different shell designs and colors to match your gaming desire. See examples below.

Once you have your cartridge, you’ll need to download or update with the latest MegaOS files and unzip them into the root of the micro SD card in a folder called Mega. You can load your game files either in the root in specific folders however you choose to organize them. Insert the Mega EverDrive cartridge into the console, flip the switch to On and you’ll be presented with the root folder structure. Now press A or B buttons on the controller to navigate through the folders and files. Select the game to play by hitting the A button. You won’t ever need to change a Genesis cartridge again. Enjoying Genesis retro gaming has never been easier!