How to Connect Sega Genesis Mega Drive to Smart LCD TV

Sega Genesis connect to LCD TV - Sonic the Hedgehog game

If you have an old gaming console like Sega Genesis, or known as Mega Drive in markets outside of NA (Check out Sega Genesis vs Mega Drive differences & versions), and want to connect it to your LG WebOS or any smart TV, here are some options for you to explore in order to play old video games on your modern LCD TVs. You know we love some Sega.

First, make sure that the Sega Genesis RF connection cable still works. Old RF cable that came with the video console may degrade over time. When using RF antenna cable, you can plug it into your TV’s antenna input. However you’ll need to make sure that your TV can be configured to use analog antenna signals which may not be the case since the world has gone digital. Scan your modern TV for input signals and see if your TV detects Sega Genesis console’s analog signal.

If this doesn’t work, you can use an old VCR recorder and run the Genesis coaxial cable into the antenna/cable input of the VCR. Old VCRs, for those of us who remembers can take analog antenna signal and record TV channels from it. Once you connect the RCA (red, white, yellow) cable from the VCR to your TV or AV receiver and set the VCR to channel 3, you should get video and audio of your Genesis game console to your TV now. In our example, we’re connecting Sega Genesis Model 1 to SONY SLV-N55 VCR. Then connecting the RCA out from the VCR to the back of Toshiba 32HL67 (or any) TV that has RCA input. Holy video gaming Batman, we’re playing Sonic the Hedgehog like it was 1989!

If you don’t have an old VCR, then the best route is to buy a Sega Genesis AV cable as the RCA cable is more compatible with your TV or AV receiver. Most 4k TVs and even the latest AV receivers have a RCA audio video cable input. The cable adapter can be purchased on EBay or Amazon (for Genesis models 2 or 3, use this cable) for around $10. When you hook up Genesis using a RCA cable, you can connect to your TV’s RCA input if it has one or if you are running sound through AV receiver, then connect it to the RCA input on the receiver. This setup should work flawlessly. Now you can play Sega Genesis / Mega Drive on your model smart TV without going through the antenna route.

Now go and download Sega & Genesis logo for some more 90s retro gaming fun.