A Look at Retro Gaming Console & RetroArch

Are you looking for the best retro gaming consoles to relive one of the most exciting and memorable part of your childhood? The gaming industry have taken notice of the nostalgia factor and have produced few retro games consoles like the NES classic, SNES classic, Playstation Classic, Atari Flashback, Retro-Bit Super Retro-cade and Sega Genesis Mega Drive Classic. Each of the classic consoles are shaped like the original but at a much smaller size, while packed with USB controllers that mimic the original release. The consoles also come with HDMI connection so you can plug into modern LCD HD TVs.

Did you know that all the classic consoles released are basically game emulators running under the hood? There is another way to get your retro gaming fix by using RetroArch software which is available in many different platforms, like Windows, Apple iOS, Android, Wii, XBox, and Playstation systems just to name a few. It will even work in your browser, on Fire TV and as a mod on some of the classic consoles, like Playstation Classic, giving you the ability to play most retro games in one place. You can pretty much use any USB game controller and map the buttons to the original console accordingly. Amazing!

Libretro crossplatform application API