How to Watch Local TV Streaming Online for Free

Sling AirTV 2 watch local channels

The Sling app has also changed on how you can watch local channels. See AirTV app article for more details.

Watching local HD TV is simple easy with a HD antenna connected straight to your TV. However, what if you just want one antenna to receive the signals and stream it all over your house, or even when you’re away. Sling TV makes it easy for you stream local TV for free.

All you need is Sling’s AirTV 2 streaming box. Not to be confused with the original AirTV, this version is black and does not stream Sling TV. Instead, it comes with 2 tuners which allows you to watch 2 local TV stream simultaneously or watch one and record another one at the same time.

Priced at MSRP $149.94, AirTV connects a single antenna with your home WiFi or wired network and seamlessly streams local HD channels throughout your home, and even outside the home. Currently, Sling TV is bundling it with a free HD antenna. You can also hook up a USB hard drive to record shows. Your recorded videos will appear along side your cloud DVR, essentially giving you your own local TV DVR. Sling also sells AirTV Anywhere that comes with built-in hard drive. It’s currently priced at MSRP $244.98.

Setup is pretty simple. Plug in the antenna connection and the ethernet cable. Once you power it on, use your Sling TV app to set up the rest. Your app will automatically recognize the device and begin setting it up. It will do a software update and then ask you to scan for local stations. Once scanned, you can use your Sling TV app to watch. The local channels are designated with an antenna broadcasting looking icon under the channel’s name and icon. Depending on what streaming platform you’re using, the channels may appear in different spots along with the paid channels. However, using Sling’s filtering option, you can just view over-the-air channels, which will give you quick access to them. Alternatively, you can use AirTV app to watch.

Overall, the product is easy to set up and integrates well into the Sling app for Sling TV customers. The best part is that you can watch your local channels from anywhere you have access to your Sling app so even when you’re traveling, it’s easy to catch your local NFL football games on Sunday. Totally awesome!

Product description
Fill your home with FREE local channels
• Watch local channels in HD at home or anywhere with your mobile devices.
• NEW! Record up to two shows at a time and set series recordings with local channel DVR. *External hard drive required for AirTV 2.
• Connects one HD antenna to all network connected devices via WiFi.
• Use the Sling TV app to watch your local channels on supported streaming devices.