Google Nest Hub Features, Apps & Price

Google Nest Hub is the newly branded Google Home Hub with a 7 inch display. Originally priced at $129 (MSRP price has been dropped to $89.99), it’s a very economical solution to add a video display to your smart home ecosystem. You can find it often for $70-$90 when they are on sale.

In addition to typical smart home and digital assistance controls you get with Google Assistant, you can also watch YouTube videos and listen to music from Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio using voice commands. Not surprisingly, Amazon’s entertainment services, like Prime Videos and Amazon Music are not available. But you are able to cast any app that has casting capability, including any music or media app, to Nest Hub from your Android or iOS devices.

One important thing to remember is that there are no apps available for Nest Hub as Google does not want the experience to be the same as an Android tablet.

It’s pretty easy and intuitive. You go through the Google Home app to set up the Nest Hub. Just follow the directions. If you have any of the available music or TV streaming services, you can either link your account during the setup process or add it later through Google Home app.

Voice Commands
You can either launch the voice assistant by saying “Ok Google” or “Hey Google.” There’s a switch on the back to turn off voice as well. Here is a list of complete Google voice commands.


Ultimate digital photo frame
• Automatically displays the best shots from Google Photos of your favorite people and pets – no manual uploading required. Works on both Android and iOS.

• Automatically adjusts to the color and lighting of the room, so your photos blend right in. And when it’s time for bed, it dims so you won’t have a glowing screen keeping you from a good night’s sleep.

• Find and see photos with just your voice. Just say “Hey Google, show my photos” to relive your memories. Or to share, say “Hey Google, share my pictures with Mom.”

Control your connected home
• Voice-control thousands of compatible devices, from lights and cameras to TVs and more, all from a single dashboard.

Play videos and songs from YouTube
• Enjoy songs and videos from YouTube Music on a crystal-clear speaker. Plus, listen to Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio. All available free.

Hands free help from the Assistant
• See immersive answers from Google. Just ask your Google Assistant and get rich, visual answers about recipes, local businesses, sports, and more.

• Watch YouTube videos. Simply ask Nest Hub to show you a video

Pair with Nest smart products
• Nest Hub + Nest Hello. Pair Nest Hub with Nest Hello video doorbell and see who’s at the front door, right on your display.

• Nest Hub + Nest Cam Outdoor. Nest Hub works with your Nest cameras so you can see what’s happening around the house, both inside and out.

Watch TV & movies
Nest Hub’s voice supported streaming partners include Sling TV, Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, HBO Now, and STARZ, giving you ways to watch live TV and movies provided you have a service subscription. YouTube TV still can’t be initiated on Nest Hub yet. Please check Google’s support site for updated information on how you can link to specific streaming services.

As mentioned before, you can cast media files such as videos from apps as Nest Hub can act as a Chromecast display, giving you the ability to watch medias such as NFL and NBA access. With the casting functionality, you won’t be able to launch available services via voice, but it’s still better than not being able to watch media channels at all.