Tape Hiss Reduction Cassette Decks

Noise reduction tape cassette deck D/A converter

Cassette usage is up and cassette culture is back! With increasing interest in analog formats in the digital age, people are turning to cassettes again. Cassettes give you that warm music feeling. Sure the real quality is not as great as CD or high-quality streaming formats like FLAC. But cassettes do give you something tangible to hold in your hand and the clicking of the tape player brings back a welcoming nostalgic feeling.

One of the biggest problems of cassette players is tape hiss. That’s the annoying audible background noise that can be heard during silent or low audio part of a tape play journey. Believe it or not, towards the end of the 90s, Pioneer actually made cassette decks that eliminated tape hiss by using an analog to digital and digital back to analog converter. This technology applies a 20-bit digital processing to analog cassette tapes, providing hiss-free audio. The music quality approaches that of CDs. Pioneer deck models that have this technology include CT-W606DR, CT-W616DR, CT-W706DR, CT-W806DR, CT-05D, CT-07D, CT-S670D, T-WD5R, and T-D7.

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