Carowinds Rides Height Requirement Chart

Carowinds height requirement sign

How tall do your kid have to be to get on Carowinds rides? That depends on the ride. The height requirement is listed in the Carowinds app and on the website. If you forget, no worries, at the entrance of each ride, there is a measuring sign where any kid can walk up to and see if they are tall enough. There are plenty of rides for toddlers and kids.

Search and sort the chart by clicking on the column header for rides by name, ride type, and height requirement.

Ride NameTypeMinimum HeightMin/Max Height Requirement
Air RacersThrill48″
The AirwalkerThrill42″Min Height Alone 48″
AfterburnRoller Coasters54″
Barracuda BlastersThrill (Water)48″
Beagle Scout AcresKids0″
Blackbeard’s Revenge – Cannonball DropThrill (Water)48″
Blackbeard’s Revenge – Captain’s CurseThrill (Water)48″
Boo Blasters on Boo HillFamily0″Min Height Alone 42″
Boogie Board RacerThrill (Water)42″
Camp BusKids0″Min Height Alone 36″
Carolina CycloneRoller Coasters48″
Carolina GoldrusherRoller Coasters48″
Carolina SkytowerFamily0″Min Height Alone 46″
Charlie Brown’s Wind-upKids36″Max Height 54″
Coastal Currents (Lazy River)Family (Water)0″Min Height Alone 42″
Copperhead StrikeRoller Coasters52″
Do-Si-DoFamily42″Min Height Alone 54″
Drop TowerThrill54″
Flying Ace Balloon RaceKids0″Min Height Alone 48″
Fury 325Roller Coasters54″
Gear SpinThrill42″Min Height alone 48″
Gyro ForceThrill0″Min Height Accompanied 42″
Hover & DodgeThrill42″Min Height Alone 48″
HurlerRoller Coasters48″
Hurricane FallsThrill (Water)42″
Thunder Striker (Intimidator)Roller Coasters54″
Kiddy HawkRoller Coasters, Kids44″Max Height 76″
Kiddy Hawk CoveKids (Water)0″
Kite Eating TreeKids36″
Mountain GlidersFamily36″Min Height Alone 44″
Myrtle Turtle BeachKids (Water)0″
NighthawkRoller Coasters54″
PEANUTS PiratesKids40″Min Height Alone 48″
PEANUTS TrailblazersKids0″Min Height Alone 36″
Pelican PlungeFamily (Water)0″Min Height Alone 36″
Pig Pen’s Mud BuggiesKids0″Min Height Alone 36″
Pirate’s LandingKids (Water)0″Max Height 54″ or accompanied by child
RicochetRoller Coasters44″Min Height Alone 54″
Rock ‘N’ RollerFamily0″Min Height Alone 52″
ScramblerFamily36″Min Height Alone 48″
Scream WeaverThrill54″
Seaside SplashworksFamily (Water)0″Max Height 54″ or accompanied by child
SlingshotThrill48″Max Height 79″
Snoopy vs. Red BaronKids36″Max Height 54″
Snoopy’s JunctionKids0″Min Height Alone 46″
Storm SurgeThrill (Water)48″
Surf Club Harbor (Wave Pool)Family (Water)0″Min Height Alone 52″
The Flying CobrasRoller Coasters48″
The Grand CarouselFamily0″Min Height Alone 46″
Tidal Wave Bay (Wave Pool)Family (Water)0″Min Height Alone 52″
VortexRoller Coasters54″
Wilderness RunRoller Coasters, Kids0″Min Height Alone 40″
WindStarThrill42″Min Height Alone 48″
Woodstock ExpressRoller Coasters, Kids0″Min Height Alone 46″
Woodstock WhirlybirdsKids0″Min Height Alone 36″