Carowinds Carnival Games

Carowinds carnival games prizes

Carnival type games are scattered all across Carowinds amusement park. They call it Carowinds Midway Games. It’s a fun way to mix it up from rollercoaster and water park rides.

These outdoor games are pricey but they are super fun for kids. They usually cost between $5 to $20 for one play. For the $5 games, you won’t win the prize unless someone is else is playing, but they guarantee a prize so you can wither play with your kid or if you have 2 kids, they can play against each other and the winner gets a small prize. For these games, you win a prize no matter what so you are essentially buying the squishmallow or stuffie prize but kids like the challenge of the games.

The games vary and change through the years but one main staple is basketball shots. When you make a shot, you get to pick a regional college or NBA team logo basketball ball of your choice. Since you’re in the Carolinas, they also have regional college sports logo basketballs. For long range shots, if you make a basket, you get a giant stuffie toy!

And then there is the ladder climb, which looks easy and is very challenge to complete. But a lot of people try and fail miserably.

Starting in 2023, you can buy a season game pass for $99. This allows you to play $20 worth of games each visit for the whole year. If you are a season pass holder and have kids, this is totally worth it.”>