Carowinds Arcade

Carowinds Arcade game card

Does Carowinds have an arcade? Yes it does! Carowinds amusement park located near Charlotte, North Carolina and on the border of North and South Carolina does have an arcade inside. To play games in the arcade game room and outside area, you’ll need to purchase a game card with credits. You can use a pre-existing game card and recharge the balance any time. Each arcade game has a play price of about 6 to 10 credits depending on the game.

In the outside section of the arcade, there are plenty of claw machines to grab anything imaginable. They are addictive but super-hard to win anything. There are lots of shooting and carnival type games inside. The classic basketball shooting, skee-ball, and air hockey table is there for anyone who wants to enjoy some old school fun. Other than claw machine games, you get tickets for your effort and they can be redeemed for a prize at the ticket counter. The tickets are digitally added to your game card after each gameplay.

Overall, the experience is fun but the price is way more expensive than a traditional arcade.