Hover-1 Astro Hoverboard Review

hover-1 astro hoverboard

Hover-1 Astro hoverboard comes with ultra-bright LED light arrays on the wheels, and spacious footpads. You can download the app and set the RGB color scheme for the hoverboard lighting. Its powerful 200W Dual Motor delivers excellent riding speed for up to 6 miles. It’s available in black, gunmetal, and iridescent color schemes. Astro is an ultra-attractive and stylish hoverboard. Sure to excite not only kids and teenagers, but adults who are young at heart.

hover-1 astro hoverboards

Hover-1 Hoverboard App
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Product description
Ride big and ride bright with the Astro and its first of its kind, complete LED deck, exclusive to Hover-1™. Download the app to access the Bluetooth® speakers and set the RGB color scheme on the ultra-bright LED infinity wheels, board and foot pads. The powerful rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and 6.5 inch (17 cm) wheels enables the Astro to attain a top speed of up to 7 mph (11 kph) and a range up to 6 miles (9 km).* Available in three exciting color schemes—gunmetal, iridescent, and black—the Hover-1™ Astro is one of the most visually exciting hoverboards on the market today.

• App capability
• 3 colors to choose from (Black, Iridescent, & Gunmetal)
• Built in bluetooth speaker
• Infinity LED wheels
• LED footpad
• LED lights on mud guards
• Ultra bright LED headlights
• Speed up to 7 mph
• Range up to 6 miles
• 6.5 inch (17 cm) wheels

Download & View Hover-1 Astro Manual (PDF)