Sensory FX Fidget Tapes List & Rare Code

sensory fx fidget tapes

If you love cassette tapes and want to introduce your kids to a world of old school fun, then Sensory FX Fidget Tapes is a perfect fidget toy. Coming in with 8 different types, each one provides a different way for your kids to fidget with. Not all of them mimic the cassette tape mechanism but most do. There is also a rare find one called Water Motion. Although each tape is packed in a blind box, there is a code on the back of the packaging to differentiate between each one. Make sure the ending numbers are the not the same if you want to collect them all. You can also use the chart below to find the exact one you want. The tapes can purchased at retailers like Walmart for $4.97 each.

SK0131 Button
SK0132 Illusion
SK0133 Water Motion
SK0134 Gel
SK0135 Dial
SK0136 Rewind
SK0137 Gear
SK0138 Maze

Sensory FX Fidget Tapes Unboxing & Finding the Rare!

Product Details
Just Play’s Sensory FX Fidget Tapes are tactile, visually pleasing cassette-tape shaped toys that create pleasing visual and auditory experiences. In a phenomenon known as ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, these colorful fidget toys create an oddly satisfying tingling sensation triggered by specific sights and sounds. Sounds like clicks, crinkles, squishes can be calming to many adults and children. With 8 colors and actions to choose from, fidgeters and those with restless hands may choose to turn gears, watch liquid in motion, observe patterns spinning, work a maze, push buttons, dial, and more. Collect multiple ASMR Fidget Tapes to play with, share, and trade (each sold separately). Ages 4+

• Included: 1 of 8 different Sensory FX fidget tapes with button, illusion, liquid motion, gel, dial, rewind, gear, and maze actions. Each sold separately.
• Sensory FX Fidget Tapes create pleasant sounds, vibrations, and visual experiences that cause a satisfying electrical current-like response in some children and adults.
• Each 4.5-inch tape creates a one-of-a-kind sensory experience with unique sounds, and motion ideal for fidgeters and those with restless hands.
• Small enough to easily fit into bags, backpacks, purses, or coat pockets.
• Collect all 8 Sensory FX Fidget Tapes for sensory play.