Amazon Music Alexa Voice Commands

Amazon Music goes perfectly with Alexa Echo devices as both services are Amazon products. Whether you want to listen to Amazon Music free version or have an unlimited subscription, it’s tight integration with Alexa gives you easy voice command access to music and podcasts.

First, make sure you select Amazon Music as the default option in your Alexa app if you subscribe to other music services. Otherwise, it will default to Amazon Music. Here are the most useful Alexa voice commands for Amazon Music.

Basic music commands
Alexa, “Shuffle” or “Stop shuffle”
Alexa, “Stop” or “Pause”
Alexa, “Play” or “Resume”

Play songs by artist, album, song or playlist
Alexa, “Play (song / album / artist)”
Alexa, “Play (emotion) music”
Alexa, “Play (station name)”
Alexa, “Play (playlist name) playlist”
Alexa, “Play (song) from Amazon Music”
Alexa, “Show me (songs / playlists / genres) from Amazon Music”
Alexa, “Add (song / album / artist) to (playlist name)”
Alexa, “Create a playlist”

When it comes to creation and updating of playlists, it’s easier to manage it in the Amazon Music app. If Alexa doesn’t recognize what you’re looking for, you can always add the world “album” if you’re asking for an album to help Alexa with selecting the right option. Do this for any artist, song, album or playlist. Otherwise, Alexa will get confused if songs, albums and playlists share the same name.