Connect Roku with Amazon Echo Alexa Skill for Voice Control

Amazon Echo Roku skill voice control

>Do you want to control your Roku with Amazon Echo devices and Alexa commands? Here are three ways to make your Echo voice assistant talk to your Roku streaming player or Roku TV.

Alexa Roku Skill

On March 2, 2019, Roku officially released Alexa integration for its devices and TVs. The Roku skill for Amazon Alexa is supported on all Roku TVs and current generation Roku streaming devices. Make sure your Roku device is running Roku OS 8.2 or higher. Once the skill is enabled, you’re free to use voice commands to control your Roku.

Check the roku support page for more details.

Here are a list of Roku commands using Amazon Echo devices.

Control media playback:
“Alexa, pause on kitchen Roku”
“Alexa, fast forward on living room Roku”
“Alexa, rewind on bedroom Roku”
“Alexa, launch Prime Video on den Roku”
“Alexa, go home on office Roku”
“Alexa, find documentaries on bedroom Roku”
“Alexa, show comedies on kitchen Roku”

On Rokus that have CEC enabled and TV On/Off button:
“Alexa, turn on Living room Roku”
“Alexa, turn off Bedroom Roku”

On Roku TVs:
“Alexa, turn on office Roku TV”
“Alexa, turn up the volume on living room Roku”
“Alexa, set volume to 20 on den Roku”
“Alexa, mute on bedroom Roku”
“Alexa, change to channel 7.1 on living room Roku”
“Alexa, switch to HDMI 2 on kitchen Roku”

* Roku TVs have the Roku OS built into the smart TV set. Currently, the following brands offer Roku TVs: TCL, Philips, Insignia (Best Buy brand), Sharp, Hisense, Hitachi, RCA and Element.

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