Animal Crossing New Horizons Beginners Guide

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the most popular games for the Nintendo Switch system. You can get started at any time but it does require a lot of time to get going. Once you are up and running, be patient and soon you’ll be able to fully enjoy your island life.

To get started, download and view the Animal Crossing New Horizons Official Starter Guide.

Here are some Quick Tips:

  1. You cannot change your island name, your name, birthday and map after you first set it so be sure you’re happy with what you set it to. You can change your appearance so don’t worry too much about how you look. You can unlock more customization options later.
  2. Be sure to talk to the other Villagers to improve your friendship with them. Once you get the option to give them presents after a few days, you know you’re doing good. They’ll often give you things in return, which can be tools you’ll need later.
  3. You need tools to live a fun and fruitful island life. Here are way to unlock them:
    • Fishing Rod and Bug Net – Speak to Tom Nook about his DIY Workshop
    • Slingshot – Purchase the DIY Recipe from Timmy
    • Stone Axe – Give Tom Nook at least 2 bugs and/or fish
    • Watering Can – Give Tom Nook at least 4 bugs and/or fish
    • Shovel and Vaulting Pole – Give Tom Nook 5 bugs and/or fish and speak to Blathers once he arrives
    • Ladder – Follow Tom Nook’s tasks and pay off your tent debt
  4. Collect resources to make tools, sell them at Nook Shop for bells (Animal Crossing money) and to redeem miles. You’ll need lots of bells in order to acquire more things and more resources. It’s like living a real life.

That’s really it to get start having fun in Animal Crossing. As you collect, sell and build more things, you’ll have more to do. Just remember to make friends and socialize like you would in real life. Have fun!

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