Roku Subwoofer vs Onn Roku Subwoofer

Roku subwoofer vs Onn Roku Subwoofer

Roku subwoofer (model 9201R) is a great addition to your Roku speakers setup or Roku TV. You can also buy and use an Onn Roku subwoofer (model 9200X) which is $50 cheaper ($129 vs $179) and exclusively sold at Walmart. Which one should you buy? This depends on your needs and budget.

While both down-firing subs come with 10 inch driver, the Roku version outputs 250 watts of peak bass power. The Onn version only outputs 150 watts of peak bass. That is main difference between the 2 subwoofers as both are wireless and are compatible with all Rooku soundbars and TVs. If you only need the subwoofer in bedroom or office area, then the Onn Roku subwoofer should suffice. However in bigger living room setups, go for the Roku subwoofer to give you a more large room fulfilling thump.