Roku Ultra (2020/2022) vs Roku Ultra LT (2023) Comparison, What Are the Differences?

Roku Ultra streaming device

Roku’s latest Ultra series of media players improved on its previous versions but because they kept the model name the same, it’s confusing for the consumers to know what the differences are. Let’s take a look.

Roku Ultra streaming players have remained pretty much the same since 2020. The major difference between 2020 vs 2022 is the remote. The 2022 version comes with rechargeable Roku Voice Remote Pro. The hardware itself remains the same.

For Ultra LT model, the major difference is lack of USB port. If you don’t play local media files or already have your own local media server, then this is an unnecessary feature that you don’t need. It also comes with a standard Roku Voice remote.

See comparison chart below for more details on each version.

Roku Ultra (2020)
Ultra 2020
Roku Ultra (2022)
Ultra 2022
Roku Ultra LT (2023)
Ultra LT 2023
Model number480048024801
Connectivity802.11ac dual-band, MIMO wireless & ethernet802.11ac dual-band, MIMO wireless & ethernet802.11ac dual-band, MIMO wireless & ethernet
Video4K, 1080 HD4K, 1080 HD4K, 1080 HD
HDR supportHDR, Dolby VisionHDR, Dolby VisionHDR, Dolby Vision
Dolby Atoms (passthrough / lossy)YesYesYes
Local playbackUSBUSBNone
Micro SDNoNoNo
Smart homeAlexa, Hey Google, SiriAlexa, Hey Google, SiriAlexa, Hey Google, Siri
Voice remoteYesYes, Voice Remote Pro versionYes
Remote personal shortcutYesYesYes