Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures Animated Series DVD

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures animated series DVD

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures is a 1990 spin-off animated television series following the misadventures of Bill and Ted as they travel into the distant past and future. It was based on the 1989 film, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Following the huge success of the first Bill & Ted film, a cartoon series was quickly put into production to be launched in the early 1990s. It lasted for two short seasons. The first season was animated by Hanna-Barbera Productions and ran on CBS for about 13 episodes in 1990. Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, George Carlin all provided voices for the first season. The second season was animated by FOX, and starred Christopher Kennedy as Bill, Evan Richards as Ted and Rick Overton as Rufus to match the live TV show they were producing. The show was a departure from the original series and only lasted 8 episodes.

bill and ted excellent adventures animated series dvd cover

The DVD collection contains all of season 2 while missing episodes from season 1. The following episodes are missing from the DVD collection-
“Pocket Watch Full of Miracles”, “This Babe Ruth “BABE” is A DUDE, Dude”, “Never the Twain Shall Meet”, “A Job, a Job – My Kingdom for a Job”, “A Grimm Story of an Overdue Book”. But at least right now, it’s the best we got for Bill & Ted fans.

One Sweet & Sour Chinese Adventure to Go
The Birth of Rock ‘N’ Roll to Too Hip for the Womb
A Most Excellent Roman Holiday
The More Heinous They Are, The Harder They Fall
Model T for Ted
Birds of a Feather Stick to the Roof of Your Mouth
A Black Knight in San Dimass
When the Going Gets Tough Bill & Ted are History

Now Museum, Now You Don’t
The Totally Gross Anatomy of a Gym Teacher
The Star Strangled Banner
Leave it to Bill & Ted
Goodbye Columbus and America
It’s a Bogus Day in the Neighborhood
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure in Babysitting First
The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Phone Booth

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey Soundtrack