Robotech Protoculture Collection DVD Box Set

Robotech Protoculture Collection Box Set brings together all three Robotech series in a deluxe 21 disc DVD set. It was released by ADV Films on November 28, 2005. Featuring digitally remastered video, the video quality is a vast improvement over the initial ADV release of this series.

Without a doubt, Robotech is one of the most influential anime series ever and is credited with laying the groundwork for today’s anime market in America. This excellent DVD set is highly recommended to anime fans young and old alike.

Extra Features

The Macross Saga:

  • Codename Robotech (Original Series Feature) with audio commentary on the history of Robotech by series developer Carl Macek: This is a movie based on the first thirteen episodes of the show to bring viewers who might have missed the beginning up to date. It’s interesting to see how they condensed the show. The commentary is very good, with Carl Macek talking about how the show was put together and sold, and relating some of the details of marketing the show. Very informative.
  • Animation Model Sheets (Character Library & Mecha Library)
  • International Clips – the same seen shown in different languages. It’s pretty fun.
  • Gallery of Macross Comic Book Covers – the Comico releases, not the more recent version.
  • Galaxy of the Stars (Harmony Gold Promo Film)
  • Toy Commercials (Circa 1986)
  • Character Bios
  • Point Of View (Interview with Carl Macek 1986) – a 15-minute interview with Carl Macek from a Dallas TV station where he plugs the movie.
  • Robotech® II: The Sentinels (With special commentary by Carl Macek) – an attempt at creating another robotech series that never got off the ground. A very interesting bit of history, and a lot of fun to watch.
  • Sentinels Pre-Production (Character & Mecha Art Gallery)
  • Sentinels (TV Series Promo)

The Robotech Masters:

  • Original Opening/Closing Animations:
    • Robotech
    • Macross Saga
    • Southern Cross
    • Genesis Climber: Mospeada
  • Gallery of Masters Comic Book Covers
  • Animation Model Sheets
  • International Clips
  • Macross Pilot – this is pretty cool. It’s the first episode from Macross dubbed, when they were trying to sell that series by itself.
  • Pre-Production Art (Sentinels and unproduced Southern Cross designs)
  • Robotech The Movie Supplementals
    • Trailer
    • Music Video
    • Storyboard Animatic

New Generation:

  • Unaired Pilot for Genesis Climber Mospeada
  • Animation Gallery (Characters and Mecha)
  • Prototype Toy Presentation
  • Promotional Videos
  • Gallery of New Generation Comic Book Covers
  • International Clips
  • Selected Deleted Scenes from:
    • Macross Saga
    • Southern Cross
    • Genesis Climber: Mospeada
  • Merchandise Gallery
  • Video Games Past and Future

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