Toynk Mystery Box Collectibles Review

Toynk Mystery Box Collectibles

What’s in a Toynk Mystery Box? Well, that’s the mystery, isn’t it.

There’s nothing more exciting and maybe disappointing than opening a box full of collectibles that you’re hoping to get. Nevertheless, the idea of not knowing what you just bought is very exciting, even for adults. This does make a great gift idea for teenagers and grown-ups, definitely not for little kids who might think they are getting a box of toys. Each box is filled with different items and quantity of collectibles and figures depending on the size you purchase.

Here is one example of what came in a Toynk Mystery Looksee Box for about $34.99. Is it worth is? You decide.

• Tiny Teens Star Trek Lunch Box
• Morph Ball
• Castlevania Sypha Belnades Action Figure
Marvel Stan Lee Ocarina of Doom Replica Wind Instrument
• Back to the Future II Hover Board 1:5 Scale Replica
• Zombie Eggpocalypse egg soup, spoon & toast cutter
Star Wars Heat Reveal Mug
• Hello Kitty Pen with Topper Set 2 pk

Jurassic Park Looksee gift box collectibles from Toynk