Jurassic Park Looksee Gift Box Collectibles

Jurassic Park Locksee Gift Box

Hey, Jurassic Park fans, get ready to sink your teeth into this exciting collectible Looksee box from Toynk. Inside, you’ll find all the Jurassic treasures your heart could want. Packaged inside of a Jurassic Park themed gift box, collectors will find a 6 x 4-inch storage tin with a Barbasol theme – a tribute to Dennis Nedry. You can also spread some dino-decor around your home with the Tyrannosaurus-Rex drink coaster and Jurassic Park refrigerator magnet. If you’re a collector who prefers a refreshing beverage, the included amber mosquito functions as a bottle opener. Pop open your favorite drink and pour it into the included Jurassic Park ceramic mini mug featuring a Japanese logo for the franchise. This box of Jurassic Park wonders is a terrific way to jumpstart your collection of Dr. Hammond’s vision.

This set is for serious big and small Jurassic Park and dinosaur fans.

What’s in the Jurassic Park Looksee box? You get one of each:
• 6×4 inch Barbasol Storage Tin
• Tyrannosaurus Rex Drink Coaster
• Jurassic Park Magnet
• Mosquito In Amber Bottle Opener
• Japanese Logo Jurassic Park Mini Ceramic Mug

Jurassic Park / Jurassic World logos