Matchbox Jurassic World Classic Jurassic Park 1:64 Scale Vehicles

matchbox jurassic world 1:64 vehicles

Hello Jurassic Park fans, the ’93 Jeep Wrangler and Ford Explorer vehicles featured in the original Jurassic Park movie are classics. Released in 2022 by Matchbox under the Jurassic World Dominion or Jurassic World Legacy Collection names, these 1:64 vehicles will please any dinosaur movie fan. Featuring authentic details and decos inspired by the film series, the trucks and rides are sold separately or as part of an adventure 5 pack. For about $1 each or $5 for a 5-pack, these die-cast machines combine two of kids’ favorite things- vehicles and dinosaurs. They are totally worth the nostalgia and the price for older dino fans.

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