See Why the Best Sling TV Device to Use is Roku Stick

Roku stick and TV

If you’re a Sling TV customer, you’re probably looking for the best streaming device to watch your shows on. Sure you can watch Sling on a computer, tablet and mobile devices, but most of us still prefer watching TV on a television set. Here are the reasons why the Roku Stick (3600R version) is the best Sling TV device to use.

The beauty of the Roku Streaming Stick is its price ($39.99 new / $31.99 refurbished), its simplicity and size. The entire device measures 0.5 x 3.3 x 0.8 inches and weighs a little over 1/2 an ounce. The USB power cable is about 6 feet long. You can use the wall outlet or connect to your TV’s USB power if it’s equipped with one.

Once you plug the stick into your TV’s HDMI port, you will go through the set up process. You actually do the setup and authorization through your mobile device or computer. It’s an easier way of registering your device and wifi information. However, you still have to set up a Roku account in order to use their devices.

Built on a quad-core processor, the Roku Stick supports fast menu and feature navigation, as well as fast content access. You shouldn’t have any issues streaming any HD video content. Although it doesn’t have 4K capabilities, there isn’t enough streaming 4K content to warrant spending extra money on a 4K streamer right now.

An awesome Roku OS feature is that you can take the stick anywhere so when you travel or use it in your dorm room if you’re a college student, you can still watch shows on your favorite apps. The Hotel & Dorm Connect option in settings allows you to connect your Roku streaming player to a wifi network called captive portal networks.

Key Features:
• Ability to stream and output 720p and 1080p (doesn’t support 4K streaming)
• Compatible with Digital Stereo (PCM), as well as pass-through of Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS Digital Surround
• Supports dual-band Wifi is built-in. You must have wifi access point, no ethernet capabilities
• Roku App provides free mobile controller for iOS and Android devices. It has voice search, Play on Roku casting and smart phone listening capabilities.
• Screen Mirroring allows you the ability to display PC content on your TV.

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