This Echo Dot Battery & Speaker Enhances Your Little Friend

Have you heard of the VAUX Echo Dot speaker and battery pack? It’s the best Echo Dot 2nd generation add-on you can buy to give your Dot portability and enhanced audio quality.

The Amazon Echo Dot already gives you the best value if you want an Echo device. Priced at under $50, it’s more than 3 times cheaper than the full Echo and half the price of Amazon Tap. Combine it with the VAUX speaker, which currently sells for about $50, you have a complete portable Echo device for about $100. That’s way under the full Echo price. Plus, you get the added bonus of having a portable speaker that you can take around your house, on your patio deck, and anywhere around your house as long as you receive wifi signal. This portability is something that the original Echo does not give you.

Have we talked about how good it looks? Amazon Echo’s look is a bit outdated. But the VAUX speaker is more futuristic and sophisticated looking. Echo Dot sits inside the speaker top. You can’t tell it’s actually 2 devices connected together.

To use the Echo anywhere, all you have to do is unplug the charger to the speaker. Your Echo Dot will now be using the speaker’s battery pack. Specs say battery will last about 6 hours. Real world testing puts it closer to 4-5 hours. That’s plenty of juice for an afternoon at the pool or patio fun.

So how does it sound? Well, it’s better sounding than the Dot’s native speaker. It’s comparable to the full Echo. Bass is a bit lacking. The highs are noticeably high, which helps to fill a room. Overall, it’s comparable to a $30 range bluetooth speaker.

Features and specs

  1. Micro-USB Plug
  2. 3.5mm plug
  3. Dot docking tray
  4. Silicone cover
  5. Power Button
  6. 3.5mm aux input
  7. Micro-USB port

Dimensions: Height 163mm (6.4”) x Diameter 106mm (4.2”)
Weight: 1.8 lb
Compatibility: Amazon Dot Echo (2nd Generation)


Comes in 2 colors— Ash and Carbon.


  1. Unplug your Echo Dot and place it in the docking tray
  2. Pull back the rear silicone cover
  3. Plug in 3.5mm and micro-USB plug into Echo Dot
  4. Re-seat rear silicone cover
  5. Press power button and play

Note: To remove the Echo Dot, first remove the 3.5mm plug, then the micro-USB plug.

Power button states:
Amber: Not powered ON / charging
Green: Not powered ON / fully charged
Blue: Powered ON
Blue / Amber Flashing: Battery low

How-to video