Android Wear Alexa App for Your Wear OS Smartwatch

Alexa on Google Wear OS

Let’s begin by saying what we already know, Google and Amazon aren’t playing nice with each other- yet. So what does this mean when you own a Android Wear OS smartwatch but have bought into the Amazon Alexa ecosystem? You could get an Alexa enabled watch but those don’t exist in abundance in the market yet. Android Wear watches give you the most option in terms of functionality and personal style choices.

If you’re looking for smart answers to your questions, no problem, just ask Google Assistant on your Android smartwatch. If you’re looking to control smart home devices, this is a non-issue for the most part. You just need to setup your home devices to work with Google Assistant. Alexa does have an advantage over Google Home as it’s connected to more smart devices. So what happens if you can’t find a device that Google can connect to yet but Alexa can? For example, Wion home devices can be voice controlled by Alexa but there is no Google Home integration yet. What if you want Alexa control on Android tablets?

There is a smartwatch app that you can install to make your watch Alexa compatible. Listens for Alexa allows you to access Amazon’s Alexa personal voice assistant from your Android device. This means you can use your Android smartwatch for your Alexa commands, giving you Alexa access anywhere you go. Imagine being outside of your house on your patio, your lawn, or at the office. “Turn on…” Sure thing, no problem!

Now you can use Alexa on Android tablets, phones and watches without an Echo device. Pretty cool huh?

Listens for Alexa on Google Play store