Do Guitar Hero Guitars Work With Rock Band?

Guitar Hero guitars

If you have Guitar Hero guitars, can you play Rock Band games also without getting a Rock Band guitar? The Guitar Hero compatibility to Rock Band is excellent. Unfortunately Rock Band guitar to Guitar Hero compatibility is not as good. Although this will differ slightly from console to console and guitar to guitar, the short answer is yes, you can play Rock Band games with your Guitar Hero guitar.

Here’s a short run down of which guitar is compatible to which series?

Guitar Hero Les Paul, World Tour, GH 5 & Warriors of Rock Guitars
These Guitar Hero guitars has the best compatibility across Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 & 3 and Wii gaming systems. It works on all Rock Band games for every console. The only exception is that for Wii, it does not work on Rock Band first game and some of the Expansion Track Pack games.

Xbox 360 Guitar Hero Xplorer (USB) Guitar
This USB guitar only works on Xbox 360. It will work for all Rock Band games. You can also plug this guitar into your PC USB drive and play guitar hero games on your PC.

PS 2 Gibson SG Guitar
The Guitar Hero I and II PlayStation II guitar will work for all Rock Band games.