Anime Expo LA

What is Attending an Anime Con Like?

Anime conventions, often referred to as anime cons, are events that celebrate Japanese animation, Japanese comics known as manga, and related aspects of Japanese pop culture. You can easily find anime con dates and locations […]

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Heroes Con 2023 - Charlotte Convention Center entrance

What is Attending a Comic Con Like?

Comic Con is a massive pop culture event that typically features a wide range of entertainment and centered around geek culture elements like superheroes, comic books, action figures and comic artists. Larger comic conventions will […]

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Super Nintendo World Hollywood

Is There a Mario Theme Park in US?

Super Nintendo World is a Mario themed park in Hollywood, California. It’s part of the Universal Studios Hollywood experience. This location opened on February 17, 2023. Mario creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, was heavily involved in the […]

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