Jelly Lab Despicable Me Minion Cards Value

Jelly Lab Despicable Me Arcade Game Photo

Playing Despicable Me Jelly Lab Arcade Game is super fun and addictive. When you get the whole set, you can redeem them for 2000 tickets at Dave & Busters or even some Chuck E Cheese locations.

Each ticket is worth 50 tickets and the Stuart bonus card is worth 100 tickets. The Evil Minion is super hard to get and you’ll need to check the game often.

001 – Carl
002 – Phil
003 – Gru & Dave
004 – Jerry
005 – Kevin
006 – Dr. Nefario
007 – Evil Minion
008 – Stuart

You can also find Series No. 2 cards, dubbed Ticket Jar, available in Andamiro’s Jelly Lab quick-coin redemption game. This series has eight cards presented as ticket jars, complementing the game’s science workshop theme. Each ticket jar is rendered as laboratory glassware with tubes and hydraulics in humorous fashion. The six standard cards feature lab jars depicting blueberry, cherry, grape, honey, mint and strawberry gelatins. Peanut Butter and Jelly rare card and a special rainbow-colored Instant Win card are worth 100 tickets.

Jelly Lab Ticket Jar card set