The LEGO logo is one of the most recognizable toy logos in the world. IKEA’s the LEGO compatible storage collection gives kids and parents a organized way to store and play with LEGO blocks. LEGO first announced its collaboration with IKEA in 2018. Two years later, the first products are hit the shelves in Europe and North America.

The four reasonably priced products include a pack of three small boxes, two packs of bigger boxes and an exclusive LEGO set. This collection aims to encourage play and infuse more fun into tidying up. Not only is it a storage container for your LEGO pieces, it’s also a building platform to easily add height to your creations.

The two larger boxes require you to assemble the container together which is really easy. The lids on all of storage containers don’t lock on tight. It’s intentionally made this way for kids to easily open and close. When stacking the containers on top of one another, they don’t lock in like regular LEGO pieces. Again, this is by design as it provides kids and adults a fast way to assemble and reassemble the containers into anything you can imagine.

BYGGLEK LEGO® box with lid 13 3/4x10x4 1/2″ – $14.99
BYGGLEK LEGO® box with lid, white 10×6 7/8×4 1/2″ – $12.99
BYGGLEK LEGO® box with lid, set of 3, white – $9.99
BYGGLEK 201-piece LEGO® brick set, mixed colors – $14.99