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What is the Cost of Watching NBA Live Games with League Pass?

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NBA League Pass, a subscription-based service, is available to basketball fans who want to watch live NBA games across different platforms, from TV and broadband to tablets, mobile and a wide variety of streaming devices.

League Pass originally started in 1995 and came in different varieties, like League Pass Broadband and Mobile, marketed towards the different platforms fans would consume the content. Now it’s more customer-focused on how fans would like to watch the live games during the season. You can chose between watching all the teams for the full season, following one team or watching a single game. You can pay the subscription cost annually or monthly.

There are blackout restrictions that apply to your subscription, meaning local and national televised games are not available. If you live in L.A. TV market, you will not be able to watch Lakers games that are on your market’s local sports network or if the game is being shown on TNT, TBS, ESPN or ABC. You have access to archived games 3 hours after game time.

To purchase your subscription, you can either sign up on or buy it from your local cable or streaming service provider like Sling and YouTube TV. Check each provider for availability and pricing. If you purchase from, you can save money by paying annually instead of monthly subscription fee. In the off-season, you will still be billed unless you cancel. With League Pass, not only can you watch archived games from last season, you can also catch historic games from the past, like Michael Jordan’s playoffs clutch shots, or Magic’s heroic performance playing as center in the NBA Finals.

NBA League Pass Premium
$249.99/yr OR $39.99/mo
All teams

NBA League Pass
$199.99/yr OR $28.99/mo
All teams

NBA Team Pass
$119.99/yr OR $17.99/mo
One team

NBA Single Game
One game

NBA League Pass Audio

For 2020-2021 season, League Pass only allows you to stream a game on 1 device at a time. In the past, you were allowed to stream on 3 devices at a time so this is quite a downgrade. Premium subscribers can stream games on 2 devices at one time.

Platforms supported
Web | iPhone | iPad | Android Phone | Android Tablet | Amazon Fire Tablet
Amazon Fire TV | AppleTV | Roku | PS3 | PS4 | Xbox One | Android TV
Gear VR | Daydream | Windows Mixed Reality | PlayStation VR
Chromecast | Amazon Alexa | Apple CarPlay

Amazon Fire TV Issues
On Amazon Fire TV, NBA League Pass has major issues as loading is slow. Sometimes backing out of a game takes you back to the Fire TV home screen. Sometimes you have to restart the device for NBA app to load correctly. Overall, the experience is subpar.