Star Wars Land in Disney Parks

Star Wars Disney Parks concept 2

Can’t get enough of Star Wars? Been on the Star Tours ride and want more, much more? Looking forward to a Star Wars vacation? It’s a Star Wars fan’s dream come true. Why? New Star Wars themed land is coming to Disney Parks! Taking places in Anaheim’s Disneyland and Orlando’s Disney Hollywood Studios, Star Wars theme lands will be a jaw-dropping world bringing the Star Wars Universe to life.

According to Disney’s Bob Iger, it will be “occupied by many inhabitants; humanoids, aliens and droids… the attractions, the entertainment, everything we create will be part of our storytelling. Nothing will be out of character or stray from the mythology.” At both parks, there will be a cantina where fans can “run into all the droids and roaming beasts ‘Star Wars’ is known for,” including characters from the existing “Star Wars” saga, including the “The Force Awakens.”

The announcement was made on March 3, 2016 and construction began the following month in April. The park is set to open in 2019 and we will be the first to update you on the progress, along with art concept illustrations, videos, photos, and maps.

Disney Announcement

Disney’s Art Concept Illustrations (click each photo to view in gallery and full size)

Disneyland Star Wars Expansion map (click on image to view in full size)

Star Wars Land at Disney Hollywood Studios:
Click here to see pictures from Yahoo Style as of August 25, 2016.

March 2017 Update
AT-AT walkers are coming! Read about it on the Disney Parks blog and check out the walker rendering.
Sneak peek at Star Wars Land AT-AT Walkers

April 2017 Update
Star Wars-themed lands scheduled to open in 2019

Latest Picture & Videos from Fans
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