Marvel Black Light Funko Pop List

Funko Pop Marvel Blacklight figures

Funko Pop’s Marvel Black Light figures give you Marvel characters with bright neon colors that glow under black light. Below is a list of available Marvel Black Light figures and which retailer you can find them originally.

Marvel Black Light Figures List
648 Captain America Black light (Target)
649 Iron Man Black light (Target)
650 Thor Black light (Target)
651 Doctor Strange Black light (Target)
652 Spider-Man Black light (Target)
678 Carnage Black light – FunkoShop
798 Gambit Black light (Target)
799 Magneto Black light (Target)
800 Rogue Black light (Target)
801 Deadpool Black light (Target)
802 Wolverine Black light (Target)
809 Galactus w/ Silver Surfer 10″ Black Light (PX Previews)
809 Galactus Lifebringer Chase 10″ Black Light (PX Previews)
822 Hulk Black Light (FunkoShop)
869 Eddie Brock Black Light (Target)
887 Artist Deadpool Black light (Gamestop)
891 Black Panther Black Light (Target)
907 Hulk Black Light 10 (Target)
908 Captain Marvel Black Light (Target)
909 Thanos Black Light (Target)
910 Ant-Man Black Light (Target)

33 Ghost Rider Black Light (FunkoShop)

Marvel Black Light 4-Pack (Target)