Listen to MP3s in the Cloud

Deezer logo

There are plenty of music streaming available for you to chose from, including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal. One music service that doesn’t get a lot of attention is Deezer. It’s comparable to the major music streaming services in terms of pricing and available songs as it has contracts with all the major record labels.

One big difference between Deezer and the other services is that Deezer allows you to upload your own Mp3 songs to be played in the cloud to be played side by side with music from the service. Keep in mind the number of tracks uploaded is limited to 2,000 songs. The only other service that offers you the ability to upload songs is Apple Music. However, playing lossless quality music on Apple Music is limited to mobile and Apple devices so unless you’ve bought into the Apple ecosystem, it’s not a great option for everyone.

While it’s not free and you must have a subscription plan, this mp3 upload option greatly expands your music library for easy listening anywhere. Now you rock out to songs from your favorite artists, your own songs or songs not available from a music streaming service all from one service account to your home stereo system or your mobile device, all from the cloud. Rock on!