GOG.com Classic PC Games

GOG.com, formerly known ad Good Old Games, is a digital distribution platform service for classic video games and films. It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of CD Projekt. It delivers PC video games through its DRM-free digital platform for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux. It’s often compared to Steam when it introduced its own library client called GOG Galaxy. One of the biggest reason for its success is that they offer classic games at a reasonable price that are compatible with modern operating systems.

If you hate DRM, GOG is the way to go. None of the games on its store comes with any copy protection. When you purchase a game, you have the game downloadable files, including manuals and supporting documents in your GOG account forever. You can download, install and play on any of your systems. No game disk is required to play. You’re in complete control of your games, forever! A 30-day money back guarantee also comes with purchase.

A cool feature of the GOG account management is that you can add custom tags to your games library, thus making it easier for you to find your purchases. As their catalog library increase, this is a very useful feature.

The GOG Galaxy platform adds achievements, chat with friends, and a library app that keeps your games up-to-date. This is their version of the ever popular and competing Steam client.

GOG also offers special deals all the time. Check back often to see what specials they’re offering on already low prices for classic PC games. For May 4th week, they always offer May The 4th Be With You specials on Star Wars games. You just can’t beat getting the Sta Wars Galactic Battlegrounds with Clone Campaigns Expansion Pack strategy game for less than $3!