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In 2013, a reboot of the Superman, Man of Steel, set to lay the groundwork for future DC Comics films as it contained references to other superheroes n the DC Universe. When Batman was included in the sequel, the DC Cinematic Universe was established.

An interesting fact is that, Entertainment Weekly, coined the term “DC Extended Universe” as a joke on an article of about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This and the abbreviation DCEU quickly spread and became the official name of the franchise among the press and fans thinking it was an official name.

DC Cinematic Universe Films Timeline

MovieRelease DateDirectorBox Office (Budget)
Man of Steel
Official trailer >
June 14, 2013Zack Snyder$668 M ($225 M)
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Official trailer >
March 25, 2016Zack Snyder$873.3 M ($300 M)
Suicide Squad
Official trailer >
August 5, 2016David Ayer$745.6 M ($175 M)
Wonder Woman
Official trailer >
June 2, 2017Patty Jenkins$821.8 M ($149 M)
Justice League
Official extended trailer >
November 17, 2017Zack Snyder$657.9 M ($300 M)
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December 21, 2018James Wan$1.14 B ($160 M)
Official trailer
April 5, 2019David F. Sandberg$364.5 M ($90-100 M)
Birds Of Prey
Official trailers & music
February 7, 2020Cathy Yan$201.9 M ($82-100 M)
Wonder Woman 1984
Official trailers
December 25, 2020Patty Jenkins
The BatmanJune 25, 2021
The Suicide Squad (2)August 6, 2021
Aquaman 2December 16, 2022
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