What is Attending an Anime Con Like?

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Anime conventions, often referred to as anime cons, are events that celebrate Japanese animation, Japanese comics known as manga, and related aspects of Japanese pop culture. You can easily find anime con dates and locations around the world.

Anime Community
Anime cons bring together fans from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for Japanese animation and culture. These fans have the chance to meet new friends, share experiences, and connect with others who share Japanese manga and animation interests. Many attendees form lasting friendships and social circles through their participation in these conventions.

Screenings and Panels
Anime conventions typically feature screenings of anime films, TV shows, and Original Video Animations called OVAs. There are also panels and discussions covering various aspects of anime, manga, cosplay, and Japanese culture. These panels may include industry professionals, voice actors, artists, and enthusiasts who share their expert insights.

Artist Alley and Dealers Floor
Convention floors have areas dedicated to artists and creators, known as Artist Alley, where fans can purchase artwork, prints, handmade crafts, and other merchandise. The Dealers Floor often features licensed merchandise, including manga, Blu-rays and DVDs, plush toys, action figures and statues, and other amazing anime collectibles.

Autograph Sessions
Bigger anime cons often invite special guests, including voice actors, directors, artists, and industry insiders, to meet fans, sign autographs, and participate in panels and Q&A sessions. Meeting favorite voice actors or artists is a highlight for many anime con goers.

Cosplay is a huge aspect of anime conventions. Cosplayers dress up as characters from anime, manga, video games, and other forms of Japanese culture. Cosplay contests and gatherings are a stable at anime conventions.

Workshops and Demonstrations
Anime cons may also offer workshops and demonstrations on various topics such as cosplay construction, drawing manga, Japanese language and culture, martial arts, and video editing. These activities provide fans with opportunities to learn new skills and techniques.

Concerts and Performances
Some anime conventions host live performances, concerts, and cosplay masquerades where anime fans can showcase their costumes and talents. These events will feature cosplay competitions, dance performances, karaoke contests, and live music performances by J-pop or anime-inspired bands.

Overall, anime conventions provide an inclusive space for anime fans to celebrate their love for anime and manga, meet fellow fans, engage with industry pros, and immerse themselves in Japanese pop culture for a few days of pure joy.