TV with Dolby Vision

LG Dolby Vision TVs

Dolby Vision is a high dynamic range (HDR) video format developed by Dolby Labs. With Dolby Vision imaging, you get bolder highlights and incredible contrast. Currently, it’s one of the best video formats available for movies. This HDR format is only available for certain devices and TVs. In order for you to watch video encoded with Dolby Vision technology, you need a TV that supports it.

Here’s a list of TV manufacturers and model series that supports Dolby Vision format.
LG B(x) OLED models and above (C, E, G, W, Z)
LG Nano 85 and above
LG SK Series
Sony all models 2019 or later
TCL 5-Series
TCL 6-Series
TCL 8-Series
Vizio V-Series
Vizio P-Series Quantum
Vizio all models 2019 or later

Dolby Vision TV models 2019 or earlier