Ultimate Guide for Everything Netflix

Netflix is the master of streaming entertainment. There’s so much you know and so much that you don’t know about how to fully utilize the #1 video on-demand subscription service.

What’s New and What’s Leaving

Every month, movies and shows come and go on Netflix, a few sites do a really good job of updating you every month.
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What’s on Netflix Coming Soon
What’s on Netflix Leaving Soon

The Best Guide

Instantwatcher is the best online guide for Netflix searching and browsing. The best part is that you don’t have to log in or have an account in order to use the site.

Hidden Categories

If you like Easter eggs and the thrill of a surprise, check out hidden search codes that you can use to view movies and shows in every category possible.
Netflix Hidden Codes

Make a Request

Did you know you could also request movies or shows? Ok, depending on what you’re requesting, they may not be able to honor your request as they have to negotiate with various content providers. Some shows like Games of Thrones, owned by HBO, will never be licensed to Netflix, but at least it’s good to know that they’ll listen to their customer’s needs.
Request TV shows or movies

To AutoPlay or Not?

Netflix will default to auto-play the next episode on compatible devices. If this is not how you’d like to watch or want to turn it off, you can turn off the auto-play feature in settings.
Netflix help: How can I prevent Netflix from auto-playing episodes?